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1. 105 new recipes

For my 30 before 30 project I cooked over 100 new recipes in one year (my goal was 30!) It was so inspiring to cook new recipes and I miss that motivation!

Cozy Hummus Bowl

3. A Weekly Effort

I want to put some thought into my personal style and some effort in every week. This sounds vague, but one week I was feeling particularly down, so I put a pretty basic effort into my appearance every day, took a selfie, felt more put together, got more done in general. I think stuff like this helps a lot when you work from home. 


5. Finish 5 TV Shows

Not locking myself down to anything specific! We're always working on a few and I have let a few stagnate while I rewatch TNG over and over again.


7. Keep my Patreon up to date!

Obviously I'm allowed to take little breaks, but with all the new projects I have planned for the next two years, I don't want to fall behind on my Patreon! I really like using it as the one central location to get to everything I make and do. 

three-hundred and eight

9. Scan my Mom's family photos

This is a leftover from my 30 before 30. :(

I made progress! But there's still so much to do. I want to make a page on my site to share the photos, too, so that my mom can share them on Facebook now that I have deactivated mine. 


11. Save some money?

That'd be nice. 


13. Play more Video Games

I had a good video game summer, but usually I'm just so behind on the new games by the time I get to them everyone's moved on to the next!

Two-Hundred & Eighty-Three

15. Let myself shoot film again! (even though I don't have it all developed yet)

I would love to shoot a roll of film every month again, but I feel guilty about never getting it developed. Tentatively start this in 2019-2020 and maybe I will have gotten #14 done by then, too!

minolta hi-matic g

17. Monthly Date Night

We do this anyway and I could use an easy, happy goal right about now. :)


19. Cull wardrobe, take to Goodwill

It never ends!

Closet_ After

21. One 365 day project

Non-self specific (I miss those!) Start on August 25, 2019. 

two-hundred & thirty-seven

23. Try 5 new restaurants in Tulsa

I love the things I love and I get anxious about new places. I LOVE to eat new foods, though.


25. Read 10 fiction books

Gothics in the bath count. 

123.jpg Adventurous.jpg A book in the ba

27. Design and order 2008 photo book

I'm consistently 10 years behind on this!


29. Paint with Gouache

I got some, but I'm intimidated!

february 4 - pink

31. Finish Duolingo French

Then find the next thing to get better at listening and speaking comprehension. 


33. Work on a quilt of all our favorite old crummy t-shirts

It's a thing to do with them. 


35. Shoot a day in photos on my 35th birthday


_3_ 32 good night!

2. Bullet Journal 2019

I loved my hand drawn layouts in my last bullet journal, but I gave myself a break with a more traditional planner in 2018. I'm ready to start back up in 2019! 


4. Saturday Movie Nights

I have anxiety about certain kinds of media consumption. Like most of my anxiety I can't explain it in a logical way, and of course, I would like to overcome it. Watching new movies (rather than rewatching old favorites) is sometimes tough for me. I do very well with plans and schedules, though, so when I know something is coming up I'm prepared for it. I know, I'm talking about getting up the nerve to watch a movie! Anxiety is a silly asshole, sometimes.

three-hundred and one

6. Edit 1 NaNoWriMo Novel

I have 8 or 9 first drafts to draw from, after all.


8. Keep my Website Updated

Schedules and lists, this project and that! Everything here and there and also in triplicate. 

23.jpg this is my knife.jpg it is very s

10. Take Breaks

I do have to schedule this or it will only happen when I burn out. I have short list of what this might mean, weekends away, that sort of thing.


12. Get caught up on video editing and stay on top of it!

I would be happy just to make some progress!


14. Get 30 before 30 film developed

I shot a roll of film every month for a year before I turned 30 and I still haven't gotten it developed. It'd be cool to do that BEFORE I TURN 35.


16. Plan my summers better!

We'll probably be in Virginia again next year, or somewhere else, and I wish I had felt able to do more tourist things. I really want to see DC but I couldn't get up the nerve. 


18. Work on the House/Yard

Make a list of goals for the house and yard. 

103.jpg i love you, but you don’t know w

20. Yoga Goals

Do every new Yoga with Adriene video and make progress on the monthly calendars every month. Do any new 30 day challenges. 


22. No strict daily photo projects for 1 year

August 25, 2018- August 24, 2019. Remember what it feels like to create when I feel like it. 

Self Portrait

24. Read 10 non-fiction books

I used to read so much, this would have been so easy! 

Day 36 I am so happy with how my Lydia c

26. 100 happy days

A phone photo project that's more about documentation than art (though, of course, accidents happen!) The last 100 days of 2018. 

day 55_ snuggles on the couch with the f

28. Go on more Photo Adventures!

Specifically when we are traveling, but also all the time!


30. Work on my Tarot Deck

I'd like to have the concept art done, anyway. Very basic. Nothing has to be finished!

Day 13.jpg

32. Run another Tabletop game campaign

Ah, I would love for this to happen. There's so many I want to run. There's so many I want to play! Timing hasn't been great for it in a while and I miss it a lot.

Day 32. Game day.jpg

34. Do another sketch-a-day journal

It was super gratifying.

sketch-a-day_ February 6 - 9
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