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October 2020 - Photo Diary

October 2 - Handheld moon shot from Shaun's parents balcony.

October 4 - We swapped our bedroom and the library. It's all still a work in progress, but it has been nice to mix it up. This is where we are sleeping now. It feels a lot warmer and cozier.

This is our old room, filling up with boxes and stuff as we sort and go through the closets.

October 5 - Waking up in the new room felt like being in a hotel.

Cute little snake at work.

This is a different cute snake! They look the same but I assure you, it was two different snakes.

October 7 - Saw a very cute cow when we were dropping groceries off for my fam.

One more lucky clover to close out the lucky clover season.

Nice to see the trees west of town.

I started sorting through photo things.

I got them all into little labeled drawers. Very satisfying.

October 8 - I worked on organizing paper and other closet things. We got the closet to a very tidy place!

October 14 - Long shadows on grocery day.

October 15 - My hair has reached a good ponytail length!

October 16 - Roasted everything please.

October 17 - Couch cuddles for life.

October 18 - I made chili for dinner! With little cornbread tombstones in. All around a good time.

October 19 - The trees at work are getting generously beautiful.

A sweetie in the little stones and crystals and petrified wood.

This is a bit of alright.

October 21 - We had some things that needed worked on with the car. It took a week to get it all figured out.

October 23 - Coffee in bed.

Late night watching Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs.

October 25 - I'm loving my new apron.

October 26 - It was a super rainy day at work so I, uh, looked like this.

October 27 - Cramp day with video games!

October 29 - Got everything set up for my Halloween photoshoot.

A sneak peak. I'll post the full set separately soon!

October 30 - Kind of an unexpected work day, but it was really a pretty one.

October 31 - Two Barnabas canes in the house!

Got this guy hung up last minute and he was an absolute rockstar.


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