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Caledon State Park - April 2022

Updated: May 22, 2022

We did a primitive site camp at Caledon State Park for one night in mid-April. It was a hike in campground so we backpacked for the first time! It's just under 3 miles to get there, with a couple of benches along the way.

On our first bench break, we had some water and Kind bars.

Our second bench break was by this field. We saw a bald eagle swoop down to try and catch something while we were stopped here.

A pond just as we got close to the campground.

The view of the river from our campsite.

Our tent all set up!

We walked down to the river.

We also walked down to the river after dark. It was so lovely!

A glow from Maryland across the river.

When we woke up the next morning, there was a perfect rainbow!

Watched the sunrise over the pond.

There was an Eagle out and about over the pond.

Eagle, Jones Pond and sunrise.

Potomac morning.

A tree by the river.

Pond on our walk back to the parking lot.

Our first break on the way back, it was pretty hot and humid and uphill, so a little less pleasant than the hike to! But it was still a lovely lovely morning.


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