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June 2021 - Photo Diary

In June we finished packing up our house in Oklahoma and drove 1200+ miles across the country to our new home state... um... commonwealth... Virginia.

June 3. Packing up all the last fiddly bits.

June 6. Using up the last of my fancy bath stuff,

June 7 - Going around the yard capturing the last little bits of things I want to remember,

The last photos in my garden in Oklahoma... with plants my mom started from seeds we got in Virginia in 2018.

June 8 - Our packing Pod came.

We got a pretty good start filling it up. It was so hot!

June 9 - We finished loading the pod up and spent our last night in Pwhisker Hollow.

June 10 - The first day of driving, Oklahoma to Tennessee

June 11 - The second day, Tennessee to Virginia

It rained a lot, it was very intense.

June 13 - Walked around downtown Fredericksburg a bit, early in the morning before things were open.

June 14 - The light in our hotel room.

June 16 - Lots of Target visits as we get little bits we need to get by without all of our stuff that was still packed away in the POD.

June 17 - Benny's for the first time since 2019.

June 20 - Got our masks hung up in the hotel room all cute. Anything to make the place more homey!

June 22 - Working on finding a little routine, journaling and yogurt and yoga.

June 23 - I got dressed up to take the trash out!

Our 17th anniversary and we signed a lease!

June 25 - Benny's to pick up some takeout.

June 29 - Finding light wherever I go.

Cooking dinner, normal-like.

Two Seconds almost everyday in June 2021


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