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November 2020 - Photo Diary

November 1 - Started the month off with some Nightmare Before Christmas while the Halloween decor was still around.

November 2 - The trees at work were very extra special beautiful.

November 3 - Voted in person. Distancing and mask use was very good at out local polling place.

It was a relief to get it done!

After we voted I got to our somewhat recent tradition of putting Halloween away and getting out Christmas on election day. It's a nice distraction from looking at news.

We watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in years after the tree was decorated.

November 5 - Oh fine, I will do the dishes, but I'm going to be a depressing dramatic Dutch golden age painting about it.

I made a super lush and delicious mushroom red sauce pasta for dinner.

November 6 - I'm really happy with how it looks at night! So comforting.

November 7 - Seeing cool things is a cool thing. I loves these little piles of acorns and leaves!

I found a giant leaf at work.

November 10 - Watching the leaves change at the forest has been so nice.

November 10 - I put something resembling effort into my hair. It's hard to get up that gumption!

November 13 - Waiting for Shaun at the gas station. Just existing.

A little sleepy Jade time.

November 15 - The most symmetrical acorn squash I have ever seen!

I cut it very evenly too!

I was really proud of this squash, okay?

I filled it with curry and quinoa.

November 16 - Pretty winter berries.

Dumpling soup is a major winter favorite.

November 18 - Grocery day.

Then cramps and letting Shaun take care of me for a bit. He heats up an excellent hot water bottle.

November 19 - I put out my cool ceramic tree my mom got me last year.

Lots of pictures, it makes me so happy.

November 23 - A gloomy day, my favorite.

November 24, - I took an hour long bubble bath. ‍🤷🏻‍♀️

November 26 - Thanksgiving with my mom and brother.

Stuffing stuffed acorn squash, roasted veggies and cranberry sauce.

November 28 - A naturally occurring ringlet!

Annual Christmas Pig portrait.

November 29 - I took a bath and the only time I looked at my phone during it was when I took this picture. Maybe the most genuinely relaxing bubble bath I have taken in months. I thought the phone reflected in the water was novel.

I've been re-reading Anne Perry mysteries before bed. A really cozy winter activity.

November 30 - I was bird watching a bit at work, but then I noticed how good this tree is.

I took a bit of a winter break from posting! But I'll get December posted soon and we'll be back on track with my photo diaries. I still want to get all my 30 before 30 film rolls shared here too.

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