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July 2021 - Photo Diary

Our first month in our new home. Unpacking and getting things sorted and getting settled in and feeling homesick.

July 1 - I packed the hotel room up while Shaun was at work.

We got the keys to our new place!

July 2 - Finding the spooky spots in the new house, it has very good spooky spots.

Took some instax shots while we were getting the house set up for our first night there!

June 3

Peeping the first cute wildlife and filling my Virginia bird book with post-its!

July 4 - Saw lots of fireworks from our bedroom window.

July 6 - Such cuties for neighbors.

First yoga in the new place.

July 8 - Our PODS here, our STUFF is here!

Very excited for getting this room put together.

July 9 - Finding the fun light spots.

July 10 - The pod is empty!

I love seeing all the people dotting the river when we drive over the bridge.

July 14 - Exterior details.

I love love how moody this looks when it's stormy.

July 16 - Woodpecker in our yard.

We get lots of bees, yay!

Alone in the room.

July 18 - New bullet journal time.

July 19 - Worked in the garden a lot.

I made a little arrangement with the greenery I pruned.

July 20 - A groundhog in our yard!!

They were so cute, I can't handle it.

July 21 - Our new rug came!

June 22 - Walked home after dropping the car off for inspection and emissions testing.

July 23 - We've got the movie room looking really good!

July 25 - My hair is... adjusting to the hard water and swampy humidity.

It's not being held up with anything. This is after I took my hair clip out. Haha.

July 26 - Trying to see the world in pictures again.

Little unfinished corners can still make me happy.

July 28 - We had such a great chat with my mom, brother, and kitty Max.

July 29 - We had a tornado warning. Turns out it wasn't a tornado, but 90 mph straight line winds and still very intense. Here I am surveying the "damage" afterward. The trash barrel flew into the garden and our gnome, Branson, fell over. He's lived through a tornado too, he's used to it! We also had a LOT of branches in the yard, some very big ones from trees that I don't even recognize.

We lost power too, our first power outage in the new house! It came back on after we went to bed.

July 30 - We needed a tray for drinks on our ottoman and I was having a very hard time finding anything that looked nice for less than $50 and then I remembered Society6 does trays and I had helped my mom add this painting that she did for me. It is PERFECT, I love it so much. I don't know how to explain it, I guess homesickness, but I just look at it and feel a bunch of feelings. It is the thing that has made this place feel the most like home. You can get one too!

I feel like my hair is finally coming around to it.

The light in the upstairs hallway made my brain feel sparky.

And finally, my two seconds everyday for July:

This month felt momentous, like 3 months rolled into one. We still have so many chores to do (there's QUITE a wait for DMV appointments, for example.) but I'm starting to feel comfortable in this house and cheered by my familiar things and grateful for video chats with all of our family back home, something that is really relatively new on this earth and so hard to imagine getting through this transition without.


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