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Halloween 2020 - Barnabas Collins and Victoria Winters

Normally I do 3 - 5 Halloween costume shoots every October. It's one of my biggest creative endeavors every year and most fulfilling. I love Halloween! This year it was harder to get into that mindset, for understandable 2020 reasons, but I have been wanting to do a gender swapped Barnabas Collins for almost a decade, and I'm so glad I managed to talk myself into it. I was very much on the verge of skipping this October tradition for the first time since I started it in 2007. Working on it this year gave me a real creative boost, just getting the backdrops out and steaming them made me feel weirdly revitalized.

When you accidentally knock a bit of the set over, whoops! 👀

This ring doesn't fit on my right hand, so all of the pictures are actually flipped!


On Halloween night, my brother Paul was Barnabas proper and I dressed as Victoria Winters with clothes I just happened to have anyway BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY VICTORIA WINTERS shhhh.

Paul's Barnabas is portrait in the foyer worthy!

I'm totally gonna get this one printed and framed!


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