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August 25, 2021 - a day in photos

I always shoot photos all day long on my birthday. Just marking the passage of time.

Good morning! Coffee in bed.

Shaun's mustache revealed!

I made the bed!

Birthday Yoga, and anniversary of doing @adrienelouise videos as the first one I found while searching for birthday yoga on my birthday!

Virgo birthday vacuuming.

Presents and a new age on the birthday Lego.

Birthday outfit, accidentally showcasing the giant mystery bruise on my calf.

I got this shirt from the boys section at Target ๐Ÿฆ–๐ŸŽ‚

Breakfast: yogurt, chia seeds, granola and orange juice.

Animal Crossing birthday!

The most comfortable shoes I have ever received!,

Settling in for some Mass Effect.

Vegan Cookies, from Shaun's parents!

Cards from my mama and Paul,

Ordered takeout.

Driving to pick it up!

Happy banner Indian feast buffet,


Shaun got me frames for my @unlovelyfrankenstein prints,

We played some 2-player switch games (SnipperClips and Luigi's Mansion 3)

Rock Band 4

Our characters Fausta and Fregory and their band, The Alabaster Horrors.

We started watching the Rolling Stones 100 greatest music videos list, which was fun, we watched about 15 videos.

Bed! I actually read a book for a bit and watched some Star Trek TNG, but here we are pretending to sleep per tradition.


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