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August 2021 - Photo Diary

August 1 - Starting to feel at home in this kitchen!

August 2 - The light in here is okay. Still rewatching The Vampire Diaries

The light that comes in onto the stairs in fantastic.

August 3

August 4 - I made Golden Beets. I love them SO MUCH.

August 5 - Trying to have some sense of self. Not having a full length mirror kind of messes with me. I feel like I'm just a floating head and shoulders or something!

Spooky basement bathroom is coming along.

August 6 - Got to go and get some veggie slices to go when the new monthly flavors drop at Benny's.

August 9 - I noticed this little bit where the wall paint upstairs dips onto the ceiling downstairs.

Light from the front door in the hallway.

August 10

August 11 - Happy with our closets here!

August 12

August 16

August 17

August 20 - Got my gothics put away into a bookshelf.

Playing with Snapchat filters.

August 21 - Birthday week clothes

August 22 - Read a book and napped on a summer Sunday.

(All of August 25, my birthday, will be shared in its own post soon!)

August 26 _ Rainy day

August 26 - Finally getting back to regular yoga!

August 28 - This light!

August 29 - I started a scrappy crochet blanket.

August 30 - Progress

August 31 - Pulled the Halloween decor out!

And my monthly one second everyday video:

Two Seconds, most days! August 2021


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