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A Day in Photos - August 25, 2020 - My 35th Birthday

Up around 7am with coffee.

We drank our coffees and chatted for a bit.

Shaun got me these new cat-eye-y sunglasses that flip up, so, you know I'm cool.

I've got nothing planned actually.

Shaun made me veggie sausage and grape jammy toasts.

I attended my Animal Crossing birthday party. It's so cute!

I got this perfect slippers from friends!

They're REVERSIBLE. Or, if you are cool like me you can wear one of each.

Shaun got me Paper Mario!!

Laid out my clothes for the day. I didn't end up wearing my Sailor Moon necklace because the clasp broke! Need to fix that!

Birthday bubble bath because I DESERVE IT.

I put my phone away for real and read in the bath.

Shaun brought me an iced coffee. It was extra good.

I washed my hair. This newish showerhead has been really nice. I really hated washing my hair before,

Dressed! I always wear this tutu on my birthday.

Our internet went down!

Luckily it only went down for a little bit, and came back up right when Shaun needed it for a class.

I played Paper Mario while Shaun was on his video call.

When he got done he started Veggie nuggets for dinner.

We put this chair together while the nuggets cooked.

It is very excellent.

The nuggets were very spicy!

Cheers! The last dab!

Shaun has been playing Dragon Age Inquisition and it's kind of like a birthday present all on its own!

Yay! My friend Ang came to visit for my birthday!

This present was very heavy and I love this paper so much.

Ahhhh it's all the Murder She Wrote

My friend Dan visited too!

I opened my last present and we watched some Schitt's Creek! This cookbook looks really good!

And bedtime! It was a really good birthday at home with my favorite human.

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angela bishop
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