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2021 - Appreciating everything we have and preparing to move across country!

I've only made one post this year (an update with photos from November 2020, whoops!) and that's because this whole year has been so busy so far! I'm currently sitting in an extended stay hotel feeling a bit bored and trying to find something productive to focus on. So here I am again, and here are the first 5 months of 2021, in photos and One Second Everyday videos (which are actually 2 seconds from most days, but using the One Second Everyday phone app, which I love a lot!)

January 2021:

A busy month working at the Osage Forest of Peace, celebrating the birthdays of my sweet family.

February 2021:

A cold month! I started packing for our move. We didn't know when we would be moving at that point so I felt like I needed to get started early just in case!

March 2021:

Spring! Enjoying our time in our cozy home, and time with family. We got our first vaccine jabs!

April 2021:

I did yoga consistently pretty much everyday from January - April. We got fully vaccinated! Packed a bunch of stuff for the move and gardened a lot.

May 2021:

Got serious with packing, and we got to gather with family again now that we are vaccinated. Mother's Day and the Zoo and the plant farm, things we had really being missing since March of 2020. Shaun successfully defended his dissertation. I'm so glad we got to cram so many good things into our last full month in Oklahoma. It was so bittersweet.

We will soon be settled in Virginia and I will try to do a nice full post for June, instead of these 9 photo highlight galleries. Because you KNOW I took a lot more photos every month! 🤷🏻‍♀️


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