September 25, 2018 - Update #1

1. 5/105 new recipes

I made 6 new recipes this month! 

  1. Curry Laksa from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
    Absolutely delicious. Spicy curry, spicy bok choy flavor, complex tasting (lime, agave!) but super easy broth. 

  2. Ginger Sesame Noodles from Quick Fix Vegetarian by Robin Robertson
    Great ginger and sesame combo. My noodles fell apart a little (the recipe called for linguine but, um, no. I used Udon) but it was all still delicious. I also added more vegetables.

  3. Almond Bulgur with black beans, tomatoes and kale from One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson
    This was so good, so cozy! I'd never cooked with almond butter before and it really added a creamy yummyness. 

  4. Manhattan Glam Chowder from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
    This one I was worried about liking while I was cooking it, but it was actually super tasty. That seaweed smell scared me a little, even though I know I love nori! 

  5. Cheezy quinoa and black bean stuffed poblano peppers in the Instant Pot 
    Our oven is broken and I had gotten the stuff to make stuffed peppers! I made this all up (I just looked at basic steam time and quinoa cooktimes on the internet) and I didn't know if I should count it as ~a recipe~ but Shaun said he thought it should count extra, haha. It was really delicious. Need to use the Instant Pot more!

  6. Spicy Peanut Soup from One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson
    This was another one that I was nervous about liking. Shaun and I are both wary of peanut sauces. I'm always a little disappointed when I have one in a restaurant, but actually every time I have made one at home I've really liked it and I want to branch out and try recipes I passed over in my 30 before 30. This soup was SO GOOD. SO GOOD. I did fry the tofu because tofu just heated up in a broth is very boring. Also, my second time cooking with bok choy and I love it. 

3. A weekly effort

A weird one to track, but I'm trying to take selfies when I put a little extra effort in. Trying to remember that when I see someone who dresses uniquely I think OH THEY'RE DRESSED WEIRD I LOVE IT. Asking myself how I would feel if I saw someone else out and about dressed like I am. Would I think they were total clowns or super cool? Super cool! It's weird how mean I can be to myself. What even is that?

4. Saturday Movie Night

  1. Black Panther

  2. Avengers: Infinity War

I'm not hitting every Saturday at this point, but that was expected.

7. Keep My Patreon Up to Date!

I'm all scheduled with posts to get caught up on stuff I did in August! I'll be making my public September posts to go up in early October which is where they're supposed to be. 

My patron-only stuff will be caught up soon. I took one week off posting while I was working on yard and housework and one week off for cramps but my photos and entries are already scheduled and ready to go!

Link: https://www.patreon.com/rachelakelso/posts

8. Keep my website up to date!

Site Updates this month:

Added some new photosets of older work, Self 001, Summer 001 and VQ1005 001.
I want to keep curating little sets like this. I have a lot of older stuff that I'm proud of and I think this is a nice way to highlight it. 

9. Scan my mom's family photos

I haven't scanned any new ones yet, but I have made a place to share them! 

Link: https://www.rachelakelso.com/family-photos

13. Play more video games

I got to the end credits on Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (by no means all there is to do in the game), put like 50+ hours into Persona 5 this month, and started a fresh game of Super Mario Odyssey.

17. Monthly Date Night

We got cute and went to India Palace on September 22nd. It was delicious. We got three entrees to share and had loads of amazing leftovers the next day. Chutney is the best thing ever invented. Afterward we went to look at Halloween stuff at Target!

18. Work on the house/yard

I got SO MUCH DONE this month in the house and yard. I mowed three times, decorated for halloween, completely cleaned out the laundry and mud/recycling rooms, fully weeded my front garden (while watching Golden Girls), cleaned up the grass growing over my driveway from the adjacent empty lot and transplanted some plants with my mom. Since our washing machine was broken, I had the opportunity to clean behind and underneath it. It was gross and greasy and maybe hadn't been done in 30 years! 

19. Cull wardrobe, take to Goodwill